Friday, December 4, 2009

Random Negro Stories File: Down For the Cause

On my way back to the office from an impromptu trip to Whole Foods, a guy approached me.

His opening line: The sun is shining now that I see your face.

Huh. Oh did I mention that it’s overcast out? Right. So you know I gave him the side eye.

Now he wasn’t trying to holla or anything but I should have seen it coming especially since he walked right up on this man that was walking a few steps ahead of me. At first I thought he knew him because he had his hand out ready to shake the guys hand and said “My man…”The guy ducked and dodged him and I tried to do the same but he continued to walk down the street with me.

He was in plain clothes so I bet he was one of those Lyndon LaRouche people. Man they are slick and will roll up on you at any time. I remember I was in college and one of them chased me down hill to a McDonalds trying to get me to listen to whatever it is he had to say. I need to get my local Congressman to draft a guidebook for overly enthusiastic policy advocates, because seriously they need to respect people’s personal space. There is no reason that I should have to run from these people.

Anyway he’s all talking about how we need to become friends, but all I can think is I don’t feel like listening to your spiel about whatever it is he’s trying to get me to do/buy/believe in. I was not in the mood to be subject to any cult recruiting. I had to get back to work! LOL. He finally gave up when I kept my face straight and kept walking away.


Young woman on a journey said...

lmao. i know if it was me i would have to report on his whole spiel cuase i have a problem keeping a straight face.

Ha said...

I know, these people talk about stuff that educated people used to know about. Jesus, how offensive can they be, even saying that the American Revolution was against empire. It was some silly fight over tea. Everyone knows that. Dumbasses.