Friday, November 2, 2007

Tag You're It: No TouchBacks

Ok, so I now realize that joining this blogging world comes with games and rules that one should play by to keep readers reading, and commenters commenting. But anyway, in the spirit of congeniality, and in hopes of getting more folks to read my blog, I bring to you: Tag--The Blogger Edition. I think I'll call my local Congressman to help me sponsor a rally to drum up support for my blog. Come on you didn't really think I wasn't going to be able to work that in somehow.

So here's the rules:

A). Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog...
B). Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself...
C). Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs...
D). Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

And we're off:

A. Thank you Maddy for giving me a random reason to blog...ok that was easy.

B. Seven random facts: Drum roll please.
1. I may be a narcoleptic. I can fall asleep anywhere and I wake up and act like nothing ever happened. It makes for odd sleeping patterns. To friends and folks chatting with me on IM, especially at night, this can be quite annoying, but hey it's me, so deal with it or don't IM me.
2. I'm deathly afraid of pigeons. I swear they don't even try to move out the way when you walk by. When I have to walk past a large flock, my heart starts racing, and I be all moving extra fast. I always feel like they're flying directly at me and I'm afraid that they're going to relieve themselves on my head.
3. I really like cheese. Right now I'm going through a pepper jack and provolone phase. They just make everything taste better. Oooh I just saw a Checkers commercial for a new cheesy double burger, with pepper jack and a spicy cheese sauce. Gotta try that! Sounds yum-o!
4. I was A Pimptress Named Candy for Halloween.
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Inspired by my new favorite Boondocks character: A Pimp Named Slickback. It was great. I went to a couple of lounges and even got some male hoez to kiss my ring.
5. I'm addicted to wedding stuff. I'm no where close to getting married. I don't even have a boyfriend, or anyone that I'm seeing seriously, but I love thinking about what my wedding is going to be like. My Friday isn't complete unless I read the By Invitation Only, wedding announcement column in the Washington Post's Express. Don't tell anyone but in my head, I draft out what mine would say for the person I'm interested in at the moment.
6. I like my underwear to match my outfits. I know this is completely ridiculous, seeing as how hardly anyone ever sees my undies, but somehow it just makes my outfit more complete.
7. I like looking at pictures of myself. I just scrolled up to look at my pimp picture three times, while writing this. Call me vain, but I think I'm quite photogenic and I'm in love with my smile.

C. Well here goes the 7 random folks tagged by me: Mr. Fresh to Death, Baby Daddy Diaries, Kolossol Imperial, Thic Flair, ummm...three more Tenacious, Ms. Sula, and....Curvydva.

D. And with that I'm off to post these comments. I make no promises about them keeping up the game. Ciao.