Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend in Review: Random Thoughts

Hey Peoples! Hope you had a good weekend. Sorry I've been slacking on the posts over here. I'll try to do better.

Anyway here's how my weekend went.

I didn’t see The Bison this weekend. We went to a happy hour Thursday night and we spent the night together. He sent me to work with a smile on my face though ☺. He gchatted me this morning to say that he missed me. Awww.

Enterprise tried to act like they wanted my future first born just because I was using a debit card to rent a car. Bastards. I need my local Congressman to help revise that process since consumer credit is at a premium these days.

Perfume counter ladies are gangsta! I wanted a new fragrance and ended up walking away with two sets and ALL three free gifts they were offering that day and a few extra purse lotions and perfume samples.

So rather than do a stupid random song in the middle of the restaurant like most restaurants, the employees at Joe’s Crab Shack get to do a stupid random Cha Cha Slide in the middle of the restaurant. That dance looks soooooo different when 2520s do it.

Seafood enchiladas and Great Balls of Fire (jalepeno, shrimp and crab balls) are the business!

I need to remember that the next time I need a cameraman in the club to either ask a girl or a cute guy I wouldn’t mind flirting with. Made the mistake of asking some dude that just happened to be around and he ended up harassing me for a dance all night.

Drunkenly dancing back and forth between me and my home girl, and then cycling back through the rest of your friends, won’t get you either of our numbers.

I thought tonguing people down in the middle of the club was out of style.

Some people should really leave the club before they turn the lights back on.

I finally got my digital TV converter boxes, while it does make the picture clearer and take away the static you hear when you have a weak signal, instead you get a stupid pixilated screen and it makes it sound like everyone is stuttering.

The $5 DVD bin at Wal-Mart is the devil. Why can’t I stay away?

Popeye’s put all my favorites in a bowl and called it The Big Easy Chicken Bowl. I added a biscuit on the side and was in heaven. LOL.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend in Review/Winter Bunning

Happy Monday peoples! I had a pretty good weekend.

Saturday I had to work from home to cover a press conference President Bush did after the G-20 finance summit. I wish I had been covering President-elect Obama though. Hmm…I wonder if I can get my local Congressman to try and push up the inauguration date.

So since I was working from home I took the opportunity to clean up a little do some organizing. Every time I start in on such a project I think to myself, man why I do I let it get this bad? I almost gave up and called in Clean House, but I don’t want them to make me sell my shoes and handbags.

Later that night, The Bison and I went to one of my male friend’s birthday party at Strike Bethesda. It’s funny how he agreed to go but on the way he starts asking all these questions about the nature of the relationship with myself and said friend. Wanting to know if we had dated or whatever, so he would know what kind of situation he was walking into. But what if I had been some trife girl and was taking him to some crazy, jealous ex’s party? I guess he trusts me.

The party was great. I bowled like a 47, but I felt like one of “them.” The girls I always envied for having their man around to take care of stuff. The Ones who all they had to do was show up and be cute. I could get used to this. LOL.

Speaking of getting used being one of "them", I swear, as the temperature dips so does male apprehension to bunning up—marking the beginning of Winter Bun Season. CocaColaCutie’s web dictionary—the abridged version—defines Winter Bun Season as the time of year characterized by high rates of boo/wifey up-dom. Generally begins at the first dip in temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and marked by several changes in facebook statuses from “single” to “in a relationship.”

I swear collectively they are singing in their heads:

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let us bun, let us bun, let us bun.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well maybe. Maybe I can get my local Congressman to push up the time for this season like they did with Daylight Savings Time. (Ha! Two local Congressman references in one blog! I’m on fire! LOL). If you’re normally single during this time of year like I am, you can expect to be hit with texts, IMs, and phone calls from Random Negroes looking to save on their gas/electric bills. Hmmm, maybe I should have thought about that before I paid that revised version of that gargantuan gas bill.

But seriously I swear my almost-taken status has only heightened Winter Bun Season for me. We haven’t even seen a hint of snow and I’ve already been hit up by a few former potential boos.

The Trainer
hit me up apologizing for how things went down. He was the one that ended up dodging my calls and texts and then finally told me that he was kinda, sorta, maybe talking to his ex-gf. He was acting like he wanted to go out on Veterans’ Day, but I had to work. The Mason has been trying to keep himself in the mix. Last night he told me he was going to plan a weekend getaway for us. I won’t hold my breath.

Monday, November 10, 2008

You Betta Getchu One

I don't feel like boring you with mushy, gushy details of my weekend with The Bison, so instead I bring you a rare reflective post.

The first-family elect has brought to the forefront the endless possibilities of a strong black family unit. It’s encouraging to now hear my male friends say they are looking for their “Michelle” since my closest friends and I always joked that the easiest way to get wifed up was to not do anything with your life. It seemed that our “hot commodity” bachelor friends were always choosing unmotivated women—women with no passion other than to serve their men—as their mates. One by one they provided “proof” of our completely unscientific conclusion.

Now I’m hopeful that watching Barack and Michelle in White House will mean that black men will no longer be afraid to have a strong woman by their side. That it’ll be ok for as Neyo says to “love her cause she got her own.” (Special thanks to all the local Congressmen who lent their support to help them become the first family and an inspiration to all.)

This shift has brought about my own self-analysis about whether or not I am a “Michelle.” Would I complement a “Barack?” I look good on paper, but there’s more to mere professional accolades to being a “Michelle.” She has a style and grace that no Ivy League school could have cultivated.

I wonder am I strong enough on my own yet submissive enough to allow the right man to lead our future family and me? It’s a balance that the self-described “mom-in-chief” has gracefully achieved. She hasn’t given up who she is to let her man shine. Best friends for sixteen years, her light helps him shine. I’m sure he’d tell you that any day of the week.

So as I explore my romantic interest, I’m striving to be the best “Michelle” I can be and hoping that he’ll be my “Barack.” What I want is less about being that “Washington power couple” and more about developing a love that will stand the test of time and enable us to add another notch to the strong black family column that for so long has deteriorated. Ladies and gents as my bff says, “you better getchu one.”

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At the Polls/Weekend in Review

Hey Blog Fam. I’m going to interrupt the regularly scheduled Take ‘em Back Tuesday to tell y’all all about my voting experience this morning.

Since I’m motor vehicularly challenged, I waited until the sun came up to walk to my polling place. It’s like around the corner from my house and I figured that even if I had to wait a while I wouldn’t complain because I was just going to go back home and get in the bed anyway. Still I wasn’t quite prepared to see the line wrapped around a part of the parking lot of the community services center that I didn’t even know existed. Folks were out there deep! Shout out to my local Congressman for getting early voting on the ballot. I hope people vote in favor of that joint so that I can choose when I want to vote next time. Still, if voting for Barack weren’t incentive enough then the folks at my polling place made my two-hour wait worth every second!

There were the “entrepreneurs” taking advantage of the captive audience. One man was out selling Obama t-shirts. One had “him” (and I say that loosely because whoever drew the template either can’t draw or confused Obama with Samuel L. Jackson) with a basketball in hand making a slam dunk. The other shirt he was showcasing had “Obama” in Tom Cruise stealth mode and it read Mission Possible. But the thing that got me was he was wearing a jacket with Obama’s rising sun symbol emblazoned with red, white and blue rhinestones. Black folks love them some rhinestones. That thing had more rhinestones than a Kimora Lee Simmons runway collection. Then there was this kid, who couldn’t have been more than eight or nine, walking around trying to rent this folding chair, a dollar for 15 minutes. Errrybody got a hustle. I wasn’t even mad at him. I didn’t give him no dollar, but I respected his gangsta. But I can’t lie the EBP in me made me cringe at the thought of being the mother of that child.

Then of course there were the bad ass kids that make you want to take two birth control pills, the shot and double up on the condoms before having sex. One little boy was swinging around one of those metal parking signs and busted his head. He was trying to act all hard like he wasn’t hurt but he stood his ass in one place after that. Shortly thereafter this lil girl busted her ass hopping on and off the sidewalk. I love when bad little kids hurt themselves. I be like, “Yes! That’s what you get! Now sit your lil bad ass down!”

Then there was the political banter about the candidates. How even though he was ahead in the polls Obama had to campaign like he was underdog. One lady was like despite the fact that he was raised by white women and went to all the “right” schools he’s still a black man. One-drop rule.

And as we made it inside the building folks were getting off their cell phones talking about, “Girl I gotta get off this phone. I’m not trying to jam up the machines. I want my vote to count!”

I love it. I hope everyone did their civic duty and went out and voted. If not take the time to do it and maybe you’ll get a few stories out of the experience.

On to my weekend. I spent more time with The Bison. He’s quickly becoming a “part” of my life. Thursday we did a late happy hour at Fridays and on Halloween we went party hopping. I was Lady Elvis. He’s not the dress up type so the most I could get him to do was to put on a black suit and be my “security.” LOL.

Here’s a couple of pics.

Saturday after we went to work he picked me up, we went to Macy’s. (He didn’t even mind pouring over the MAC counter with me), got some soul food at this place on U Street called Ooohs and Aaahs, and saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Hilarious! A must see I tell you! Sunday we lazed around my house. I made breakfast and we watched Friday. I had forgotten how much I like that movie. “I’m just gonna tuck mine in.” LOL.

And of course what would my weekend be without a couple Random Negro Stories. I was working from home on Friday waiting for the gas company to rectify my situation, when I logged into yahoo and was greeted by this message from Friendship and Fun:

ending one love
one warm hug
one prayer full of...
a solicitation for the emancipation
of the dreams you have on reservation
I wish God upon you
You've been patient
Today's the end of your waiting
Arise and be who you were created to be
Let's begin your celebration

This is me
lending myself
lending tears for life's cries
understanding for life's whys
comfort for life’s sighs
for hugs, I’m lending arms and shoulders
giving the muscles in between to help you with life's boulders
sending warmth when hearts around seem to get quite colder
you can borrow my legs when u need someone to run with you
We can serve together, I'll use my gifts too
when down, I'll lift you
there's nothing we can't get to
and sift though
This is me... always with you

I chatted with him for a while and he tells me that he’s interviewing for some jobs in D.C. and basically asked to crash with me for a while—talking about he wants to help me pay my rent. I’m like ummm no.

Then The Mason performed the reappearing portion of his disappearing act, trying to ask me out on date. I told him I already had plans and that he should have hit me up earlier in the week because a lady needs three days notice. He complained about the new “rules” and I told him that he—being a Republican and all—didn’t do too well in the free market and now it’s time to abide by the regulations. I told him that if history were any guide there would be a time for deregulation. But honestly I seriously doubt if I ever see him again. He’s too flaky and even if he weren’t I know he wouldn’t be what The Bison is—a true gentleman, opening doors, helping me with my coat, and taking out my trash, kissing me and randomly telling me I’m beautiful. Ok. Let me stop before this gets too mushy. What am I turning into?????